About Grey Fox

An Elite Tutoring Service with a Wide Range of Subjects

Grey Fox is notable for its unique focus — the Latin and Ancient Greek languages. At the same time, though, our instructors are true Renaissance men and women, tutoring students in a variety of languages and disciplines. Our founder, Andrew Kuhry-Haeuser, formed Grey Fox as a means of promoting the effective instruction of classical languages, and with this in mind he's assembled an elite team of tutors with advanced degrees from respected universities and many years of experience tutoring a variety of subjects.

Grey Fox works with students to define and then achieve their goals. Our tutors are familiar with a variety of teaching methods, and we take care to choose the tutor and pedagogical approach that make the most sense for each student. After each session, tutors submit progress reports outlining material covered, areas needing attention, and homework for the next session. In this way we insure that tutor, student, and parents are fully informed of student progress.

Grey Fox is the elite tutoring division of the Carmenta Online Latin School. All tutors promoted to Grey Fox have PhDs or Master’s degrees and have been teaching with us for at least two years. They have also all scored at least 95% on our Founder's Teaching Evaluation. Every Grey Fox Tutor has demonstrated exemplary teaching skill, dependability, and affability, with an established track record of student success.

For more information, please Email Us or call us at (212) 203-8734.