Our Administrators

andrew kauhry-haeuser greyfox tutors founder

Andrew Kuhry-Haeuser

Gonzaga University - Latin

Mr. Kuhry-Haeuser has worked as a classics educator and private tutor for well over a decade in a broad range of subjects, from Latin and Ancient Greek to math and science, as well as art, literature, and standardized-test prep. He has worked with students of all ages, developing insights into language learning and general pedagogy that he has applied to his own teaching and curriculum design. As the Head of the Carmenta School (Grey Fox' parent organization), Mr. Kuhry-Haeuser has an outstanding track record of success in the field of online education. In his free time he is an avant-garde novelist, movie maker, stand-up comedian, cartoonist, and ballroom dancer.

katerina ourgi greyfox tutors head of administration

Katerina Ourgiouplouoglou, M.A.

Head of Administration
Vakalo College - Graphic Design and Visual Communication

Ms. Ourgiouplouoglou has decades of experience in online and print design, with projects ranging from magazine illustration and layout to web design, business materials, and books. As Head of Admin for Grey Fox and Assistant Head of the Carmenta School, she has made good use of her exceptional organizational skills as manager, human resources expert, and graphic designer. Ms. Ourgiouplouoglou is an award-winning photographer who loves capturing the landscape around her home city of Athens, Greece. She also enjoys volunteering her time to a number of charitable causes, including the Special Olympics.

kostas petropoulos greyfox tutors administrative associate

Kostas Petropoulos, M.A.

Administrative Associate
Villanova University - Classics

Prof. Petropoulos has worked in academia for over a decade, holding a professorship in Classical Studies for over seven years at his alma mater, Villanova University. As an instructor for Grey Fox and the Carmenta School, he specializes in Latin, Ancient and Modern Greek, Spanish, Italian, and classical literature and mythology. In addition to his numerous academic accolades, Prof. Petropoulos is an accomplished recording artist, composer, and producer as well as a standing member of ASCAP. He is also the founder and CEO of his own music publishing and production company, Kopos Music.

lydia haile fassett greyfox tutors administrative associate

Lydia Haile Fassett, M.A.

Administrative Associate
University of Virginia - Classics
Williams College - Classics & History

Ms. Fassett has worked in education for over a decade at public and private schools in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, and she holds state teaching certifications for Latin and Classical Humanities in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Her research interests include Suetonius, Roman textiles, the Classical tradition, and the use of technology in the classroom. A former Editor of CANEPress, she has overseen the publication of a variety of books along with co-writing a textbook on Julius Caesar.

emily lewis greyfox tutors administrative associate

Emily Lewis, M.A.T.

Administrative Associate
Bryn Mawr - Latin
Boston University - Latin

Prof. Lewis has a B.A. in Latin from Bryn Mawr and an M.A.T. in Latin from Boston University, and she has since worked as a Latin instructor at the secondary level in both Massachusetts and Virginia. In addition, she is an administrator for Grey Fox and a tutor for the Carmenta School, specializing in Latin, conversational Latin, and Ancient Greek. Prof. Lewis is involved with the National Latin Exam, SALVI, and the JCL (at both the Virginia and National Levels), currently serving as the Co-Chair of VJCL Academics. She also coaches Certamen both for her school and sfor Virginia.

andré bastos gurgel greyfox tutors administrative associate

André Bastos Gurgel, O.A.B.

Adminstrative Associate
University of Fortaleza - Law

Mr. Gurgel has spent well over a decade studying foreign languages and in doing so has grown into a true polyglot, possessing a working to advanced knowledge of sixteen languages. As an Academic Advisor for the Carmenta School he has been instrumental in expanding the school’s online presence through social media. Mr. Gurgel is also a self-taught polymath in subjects ranging from philology and history to astronomy and martial arts. A member of the Order of Attorneys of Brazil, he has also published a number of academic articles on the subject of Brazilian law.

nikos mylonas greyfox tutors director of it

Nikos Mylonas, Ph.D.

Director of IT
Greek National Conservatory - Musical Composition; Fugue, Counterpoint, & Music Theory
University of Athens - Physics

Dr. Mylonas has over 30 years of experience in computer programming, largely in the field of sound creation for musical composition. As the Director of IT for Grey Fox and the Carmenta School, he manages all of the school’s websites. In addition to his expertise as a web developer, Dr. Mylonas is a classically-trained composer and musician, having studied at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague in the Netherlands where he specialized in computer implementation of algorithmic strategies in composition. Since then he has worked as a teacher of both music theory and computer music.

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