Latin & Ancient Greek

Grey Fox specialty is the classical languages, Latin and Ancient Greek. In fact, the majority of our tutors have degrees in either Classics or Latin and so are highly qualified and experienced teachers of both languages. The primary reason students have difficulties with language learning is a mismatch between a teacher’s style of teaching and a student’s style of learning. Our tutors are experienced in a wide variety of teaching styles and so are able to adapt their approach to the needs of the particular student.

When tutoring for enrichment, our tutors follow the Grey Fox Method, which recognizes that instruction in grammar and conversation are equally important. We've found this approach a far more efficient way to teach these languages and by far the best way to guide students to true fluency. Still, if a tutoring student is having extra difficulty, we always tailor our approach to that student’s needs and goals.


  • Latin
  • Ancient Greek
  • Classics
  • Latin Conversation
  • Latin Literature
  • AP Latin
  • SAT Latin Subject Test
  • National Latin Exam
  • National Greek Exam
  • Philology

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